Every office space and commercial premises has its own specific needs so it’s impossible to call just a single universal number of cleaning per week or per month when it comes to cleaning the workspace. Normally, the number of weekly or monthly cleanings is determined by the owner of the office or the commercial premises or by the manager of the company. It is important that a few basic factors are taken into account when considering the maintenance of the workspace.

In case you are one of the above-mentioned individuals, an owner of an office or a manager of a firm, the first thing you should think about when considering cleaning and maintenance, is the appearance of the workspace and the impression it will leave in the clients, customers, visitors. Of course, the comfort and cleanliness of the workspace and office are also important for the employees so they can feel convenient and comfortable enough to be productive. When the workspace is sparkling clean and tidy it will leave a good first impression to your guests and customers, business partners and employees.

In case you are organising work meeting and interviews in the office pretty often, it is recommended to consider a regular cleaning schedule that will guarantee space is clean, tidy, welcoming, and professional-looking at all times. It may sound like an insignificant detail, however, clean and tidy space can totally increase your chances to work with business partners and having a good relationship with other companies, your customers, and your employees just because of how professional and sophisticated it appears and feels. A clean and tidy space is certainly associated with attention to details which is a feature of a professional approach to everything you do, no matter the field of your business.

Another basic aspect to consider when you are discussing your requirements with the office cleaning company you are about to hire or you already work with is the number of people visiting the office every day, as well as the size of the space. Considering these factors will help you determine how often space would be in need of a cleaning and maintenance service. Keep in mind that some areas of the workspace may need a more regular cleaning than others that are visited and used rarely.

As an example, the toilet area of the office is one of the places that need regular cleaning, daily once is highly recommended. Toilets normally need a lot of attention and care so the spreading of germs and bacteria is prevented to the maximum. Preventing the spreading of germs will significantly decrease the risk of employees getting sick often and will increase productivity at work. Another area of the workspace that should be a daily focus of the office cleaning company team is the space for a break. As it is with the toilets, the area of the office where the employees have a break for having lunch or simply relaxing for a while is very important for their physical and mental health and it should feel and look comfortable, cosy, clean, and tidy so it can increase productivity at work and motivate people to work.

In case you have some more questions and considerations you would like to discuss with a professional cleaning service contractor, do not hesitate to contact us anytime!