Spring is a female season, that is for sure. She says that she needs five more minutes to get ready, when in fact she is already late a lot. That is right, we are all waiting for spring to come, but the look through our windows shows only grey shades, foggy weather and raindrops… or is it really all because of the fact that it is taking too long for spring to come? If everything you see through the window is fog and cobwebs instead of all those glorious shades of green and happy butterflies dancing around, then maybe the problem is not in the weather outside, but in the fact that you haven’t washed and cleaned your windows for the entire winter. Yes, something is just not right, let your winter laziness be our little secret and let us inspire you and help you out with a few easy tips and tricks for window cleaning within a shorter period of time. Once you get enthusiastic about window cleaning, you are ready to conquer the world and continue with anything else that have to be done around the house and even around your workplace – from office building cleaning to floor cleaning and floor waxing and everything in between.

Hiding the problem with curtains is just not the way to go. You are suffering from window cleaning denial, but it is about time to wake up as a responsible and mature person, who faces its problems bravely! Well, the truth is that the situations are even not that dramatic, especially if you make sure to follow our tips and tricks. Be sure to do so, because we can make your life easier!

There is nothing better than bad weather and when it comes to windows cleaning, overcast is your best friend! Pick up a cloudy and grey day for taking care of your windows instead of a bright and sunny one. Well, this may sound a bit stupid to you, right? Why pick up a day, when rain is expected and all your work will be ruined a few hours later, instead of turn up, when the sun is shining bright and the sunlight is guiding you where there are spots and dirt. Well, here is why – because the bright sun will dry your cleaning solution before you even manage to properly polish the glass and you will be left with a number of streaks that are really annoying.

What materials are you going to need? Vinegar and cloth, that is all really! Simply mix 1 part of vinegar to 1 part of hot water and work your way to shinier and crystal clean windows. If you want to remove the previously used cleaning solution, then add a few drops of dish soap to the mixture. To give the windows that extra glow and shine, polish the washed and dried windows with a clean cotton T-shirt!

Get rid of the bugs by brushing or vacuuming the loose dirt, bugs and cobwebs and then scrub the track of the screen with a soft-bristled brush that is dipped into soapy water or vinegar solution. Use a damp rag to wipe down any soapy residue left.