Cleaning the oven at home can be a real challenge, but cleaning the oven at your workplace a.k.a. the restaurant can be a real mission, a mission no one knows how it will end up. In fact, ovens are always challengeable and hard to take care of, mainly because of the reason and purpose we use them for – preparing food. Food that most of the time is greasy and leaves a residue that is extremely hard to deal with. Many people avoid maintaining the oven in decent condition, but when it comes to restaurant cleaning, leaving kitchen appliances just like that is a big no-no! Taking care of everything inside the restaurant kitchen and cleaning it to perfection at least once every week is not simply a necessity, but also a subject of a number of regulations and standards that have to be respected, that is for sure! So, in case you want to skip hiring janitorial cleaning service members, then here is how to accomplish oven cleaning successfully, a few easy and effective tips for you:

Use baking soda and vinegar

Sometimes even specially designed cleaning products and solutions, no matter their price and the promise of the manufacturer, are not helping a lot. In this case, homemade and natural ingredients are great and can be really effective in the battle against grease and food residue. In addition, this option is not simply cheaper, but also greener and healthier and will reduce the usage of dangerous and toxic ingredients successfully, which is always a great benefit! The receipt is way too simple – just mix a ½ cup of baking soda with water till paste texture is achieved. Then rub the mixture throughout the oven and focus on burnt, dirty and greasy areas. Once you have covered the entire oven, the best thing is to let it sit this way overnight, or for no less than 10 hours. The next day simply wipes down the remaining soda and if there are some stubborn spots, then spray them with vinegar to get the residue and dirt loose. You can use a damp cloth and vinegar to polish the entire oven next.

The right products

Although you always have the option to use homemade receipts and products that are natural and safer and can be found in any kitchen, really, if you still are more keen on using specially designed cleaning products, then be sure to pick the right ones. Turning to special oven cleaner for extra help and support is ok, simply make sure that you use something strong enough to get rid of grease, dirt and burnt, but not that aggressive to the oven itself… and, of course, less toxic. Try to avoid too heavy smells and scents, too.

Self-cleaning ovens

Well, self-cleaning ovens sounds like a real treat, right? What is better than having the chance to leave the whole kitchen area clean itself like magic?! Despite the name of the kitchen appliance of your dreams, the self-cleaning oven still needs your additional help and a bit of art work! Since the self-cleaning mode takes up to 5 hours, then be sure that no one will need the oven for at least 3 to 5 hours, because when the mode is on, there is no turning back and you have to wait until the process is completely finished. Maybe this feature makes this sort of ovens not that convenient for a restaurant, what do you think? Once the oven is ready, then you have to be ready to open it and dust out all the burnt pieces. Normally there will be some missed spots, so these are your responsibility.