In previous articles in our blog we have already shared with you a lot of simple tips and tricks on topics like restaurant, office building, commercial building cleaning and more, but today we are going to have a deeper look at the topic of floor cleaning and find out more about how you can clean the parquet installed in your office, or restaurant, or pub, etc. Of course, parquet floors are a common choice for many business buildings and premises because of their amazing appearance and the luxurious, intriguing and classic look they have. Parquet fits perfectly in a classic, elegant business environment and definitely makes a good impression on clients and visitors. However, parquet tends to be a bit more challenging, when it comes to cleaning, than solid wood and engineered wood floors, because of that today we are having a look at the most effective methods for maintaining your parquet floor in perfect shape and form.

A well-maintained floor, especially if a wooden one and especially if a parquet one, can look impressive, last a lifetime and add a lot of character to space. Since wood is pretty sensitive material, especially when it comes to wooden floors installed in business settings that tend to experience more wear and tear and high traffic than the domestic ones, you have to take the proper and regular care.

Small, but regular cleans are the key to a well-maintained parquet flooring. Regular vacuuming with the right attachment for hard floors or sweeping with a soft-bristled broom will prevent a build-up of dirt and debris that otherwise may lead to issues like worn finish, fine scratches and more. Stubborn dirt can also be embedded in the flooring and become a permanent stain and other damages to the surface. Make sure you are not causing scratches while cleaning too, always be cautious and not aggressive. If you are too afraid of scratches and other issues, you can put a few rugs in the areas, where high traffic is expected and happens the most.

How to clean parquet floors, when the dirt and grime are more ingrained, or when it is time for deeper, more thorough cleaning:

  • Begin with a thorough sweep or vacuum so you can remove all the dust and dirt on the surface. You can also purchase some specialist tissues that are designed to pick up the dirt and dust from parquet floors.
  • Sometimes a bit of warm water on a damp mop is enough to clean the floor and give it a fresh look. If you have to deal with stubborn stains from grease and grime, then water will not be enough and in such cases, vinegar may be the solution. Add a half a cup of vinegar to four to five litres of warm water and apply to the stained area to loosen the dirt and get rid of it.
  • You can also buy a specialist parquet floor cleaning product, simply make sure it comes with neutral pH.
  • Use a cloth to dry the flooring afterwards.
  • If water stains appear, be sure to place a napkin or a cotton material piece over the mark and use an iron or a hairdryer to dry the moisture.