We all want clean homes and workplaces. We all want to live in a healthier indoor environment, we all want safer places, we all enjoy life without bacteria and allergens. But aren’t we sometimes too obsessed with the idea of the ultimate disinfection? Aren’t we obsessed with this idea to the point that we buy and use every possible cleaning product that promises 100% riddance of everything nasty at home and at the workplace, including all the dirt, debris and bacteria? Meanwhile, we often know anything about these products and how they affect our health and well-being. Toxic chemicals are forbidden to be sold according to many regulations in Europe and the United Kingdom, however, heavy chemicals are still part of our everyday cleaning routine in one shape or another. While some cleaning products available on the market have pretty natural ingredients and are a better alternative, we still look for the “100% disinfection” label on the shelves of the local supermarket. Because we all want a clean indoor space. And we forget that nature and its ingredients are often the best option.

So, how we can achieve pleasant cleanliness and still keep our space healthy and safe. Reducing the usage of heavy chemical products is one way to do so. Choosing more natural products is always recommended. There are many natural disinfectants and cleaning agents in nature and the only thing we have to do is knowing what to use in certain situations and for certain dirt and stains. Today we are going to share with you some of the most popular ways to clean hardwood floors and remove all the dust, debris and allergens while keeping the beauty, solidness and colour… and all that with natural solutions.

Conventional hard floor cleaning products often contain mineral spirits and petroleum solvents and both of these are neurotoxic and can cause eye and skin irritations. Petroleum solvents may also contain traces of carcinogenic benzene. Some wood floor wax removers also contain ingredients that may cause narcosis and kidney injury. There are some less-toxic alternatives on the market, however still toxic. Although we often choose these dangerous products in order to achieve impressive results, there are also a lot of natural options that are no worse than what we can buy from the supermarket in efficiency and way better for our health.

Here are some simple ways to make hard floor cleaning products with natural or safe ingredients. On cup vinegar mixed with water is a popular floor cleaning method. For stronger sanitising you can mix washing soda, liquid castile soap, vinegar and hot water. You can polish your wooden floor and make it look sleek and amazing by mixing olive or any other vegetable oil with a bit of vinegar and vodka or simply rub clean olive oil. Instead of floor wax from the store, you can use a cup of olive, almond or walnut oil mixed with vodka, grated beeswax and carnauba wax. As you can see, these alternatives are very simple and very affordable, but still as effective as all the products from the store, however way healthier and safer.