Whenever you are at work and even when you are at home resting, most of your gadgets are always one hand away, easy to reach and use, whenever you need them. Of course, most of the people use a dozen different gadgets with different purposes on an everyday basis and there is nothing wrong with that. Whether it comes to using your phone along the day, using a keyboard and a mouse at work, or using the TV remote at home, you have to be sure you give these a good clean and you sanitise them properly every now and then, otherwise bacteria build ups will be attracted and collected.

First things first, cleaning your gadgets is especially important and highly recommended in your workplace. Using the telephone and other electronics on a daily basis and especially at places, where there are high traffic and a lot of people around, means pretty much a lot of dust, dirt, allergens and bacteria accumulated. Although the main responsibilities for a clean workplace are often for the janitorial service, building maintenance or office building cleaning companies that are the contractors and providers of cleaning services at your work, this doesn’t mean that you are out of responsibility for taking care for some small details and your surrounding environment. After all, it all comes to your comfort, health and safety.

Here are a few helpful tips for cleaning your gadgets that are especially helpful during the flu and seasonal allergies season, so have a look:

Start with turning it off

Before attacking the dust, dirt, grime and bacteria attracted and hidden in your gadgets and electronics, always be sure to turn them off. Turning off everything you are planning to clean is extremely important in order to prevent problems and issues that may occur your gadget as well as for safety purposes. If it is plugged into a power source, be extra safe and go ahead to plug it off.

Work your way slowly

Although we use them every single day, all the time, and they still serve us with loyalty, most of the gadgets if not all are pretty delicate and because of that you have to treat them delicately and slowly while cleaning and sanitising them in order to prevent problems that may end up like completely ruined gadget. Never spray directly onto the device with your cleaning product, do not use strong cleaning products like window cleaners, bleach and ammonia too. Rubbing alcohol is great for sanitising purposes, so go ahead and use it!


Remember that when it comes to cleaning your gadget, concentrated cleaning solutions are not the best choice. Make sure you always add the same amount of water to the cleaning solution, so its saturation is less harmful to your devices. Never spray directly onto the device, spray on a microfiber cloth first and then wipe down. Microfiber cloths are great for catching the dust and not just spreading it around as normal clothes do. Do not use too much product – less is more!

Let them breath

When it comes to electronics and devices, the truth is that the best cleaning solution is …air. That is right, a can of compressed air can do wonders for removing all the dust and dirt that is hiding in your keyboard, mouse, computer, etc. Using compressed air you can also reach all those small corners and areas. Remember, do not vacuum your electronics though!